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DTC Discussions: The Digital Pathway and Storefront

As the digital hub of the direct-to-consumer experience, the storefront connecting the consumer-facing frontend with the brand’s backend systems is a critical investment for businesses in the DTC space. Over the course of the past 2 years, the market for storefronts (or commerce platforms) has expanded rapidly as both businesses and consumers flock to eCommerce and direct-to-consumer channels. With an increasingly competitive landscape, making the right selection for your DTC business is only become more difficult as new players enter the market in a steady stream while established brands continue to race for market share.

Watch the Storefront Episode of DTC Discussions Here

Consumers have also come to expect a certain kind of experience in their digital shopping journey. Recent studies show that 57% of Americans feel that large online marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart are the most reliable whereas only severn percent found that DTC brands were the most reliable over the past 6 months. All said, the commerce platform a DTC brand selects will have cascading impacts on the entire business.

Part 3 of DTC Discussions is focused on the digital pathway and storefront. 

As DTC is growing rapidly, the competitive landscape for vendors and providers is intensifying. However, businesses can only choose one, and the decision is no easy feat. In this episode of DTC Discussions, Clarkston consultants Evan Shirley and Hudson Rowland discuss the growingly competitive and complex commerce platform space, including: 

  • Common storefront vendors
  • Storefront selection critiera
  • Integrating your storefront with your ecosystem
  • Designing your user experience

Ultimately, creating a superb customer experience is the common goal of many DTC brands. Building this experience intentionally can open doors for companies struggling to gain traction in the market. 

Watch the Storefront Episode of DTC Discussions Here

While the COVID pandemic has disrupted both the consumer products and retail industries, it’s clear that shoppers will continue to flock to DTC channels in the post-COVID landscape. Designing a storefront for your DTC customers is a critical priority in order to remain competitive in the current and future landscape.

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch our first and second episodes of Clarkston’s DTC Webinar Series, a collection of videos designed to help consumer products and retail companies launch, grow, and optimize direct to consumer businesses.

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