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DTC Discussions: Product Portfolio and Price  

Companies have been talking about direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels and marketing for a number of years now, but there’s been an acceleration in this space due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are increasingly relying on DTC, and eCommerce more broadly, for their purchases – they appreciate the convenience and personalization that this space can offer.  

The rise in DTC has forced traditional CPG companies – many of them brick-and-mortar – to reconsider their product portfolio and pricing strategies. Brands small and large are making significant investments in DTC to meet the needs and expectations of their consumers. The challenge, now, is standing out among competitors. From marketing to selling to supplying, companies have to be strategic in their approach to DTC to differentiate themselves.  

And it starts with the consumer.  

Strategy Considerations: Product Portfolio and Price

Companies must put the consumer at the center of their decision-making. When considering what the right strategy is to differentiate your company, it’s not just about your product – it’s about the service you’re providing to your customer, too. Meeting and exceeding customer need or expectation is the driving force of why companies are moving to DTC. The DTC channel provides can provide brands with a means to connect, better understand, and engage with their consumers.   

Watch the Product and Portfolio Price Episode of DTC Discussions Here

What do companies need to consider, then, when deciding what their customer experience will look like and what products will be at the centerpiece of that experience? Do you launch your entire product portfolio? Do you use pricing as a lever for differentiation? How do you optimize the value of DTC from a P&L perspective? As companies continue to share what’s being learned cross-functionally, this insight will be invaluable for CPG companies exploring a consumer-centric approach to DTC. 

Part 9 of DTC Discussions is Focused on Product and Portfolio Price

In the ninth episode of our DTC Webinar Series, I’m joined by Steve Rosenstock, partner and consumer products industry lead at Clarkston, as we discuss product portfolio and pricing strategies that can be implemented in the DTC channel. 

Watch the Product and Portfolio Price Episode of DTC Discussions Here  

Clarkston’s DTC Discussions Webinar Series  

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the rest of Clarkston’s DTC Webinar Series, a collection of videos designed to help consumer products and retail companies launch, grow, and optimize direct to consumer businesses, or learn more about Clarkston’s direct-to-consumer consulting services here.  

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