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DTC Discussions: Core Information Systems

Contributors: Anand Nataraj

When it comes to direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, it is important for CPG companies to understand the information systems that are at the core of the DTC experience. In a time where consumers are flocking to eCommerce and DTC channels, businesses must prioritize integrative solutions to optimize operations and ensure a seamless consumer experience. With a myriad of solutions and ways to integrate technology into your DTC business model, what should companies consider in their decision-making?

Watch the Core Information Systems Episode of DTC Discussions Here

From order placement at the commerce platform to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to payment processing, there are a number of information systems CPG companies can implement. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Companies looking to integrate core information systems into their ecosystem must consider their needs – both from a consumer perspective and a company perspective – and which solutions can best provide the capabilities to effectively and efficiently meet those needs. Once implemented and operating seamlessly, those solutions serve as the backbone of DTC businesses.

Part 8 of DTC Discussions is Focused on Core Information Systems

In our eighth episode of our DTC Webinar Series, I’m joined by Anand Nataraj, senior manager and SAP Lead, as we dig into some of the core information systems that enable DTC businesses to function.

Watch the Core Information Systems Episode of DTC Discussions Here

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