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Top Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Insights from 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, I’ve taken time to reflect on the 200+ content pieces that our industry experts here at Clarkston have generated over the past year. Below, I’ve highlighted just a few of our top direct-to-consumer insights for 2022. For all of our 2022 DTC insights, you can read more here. 

Top 5: 2022 DTC Insights

1. Maximizing the ROI on Your DTC Investment  

Many CP companies have already shifted to direct-to-consumer business models in order to better meet the needs and demands of their consumers. However, once you’ve adopted that DTC model, it’s necessary that you’re continuing to capitalize on data and engagement opportunities from those DTC channels to optimize growth. In this eBook, Amy Levine, director, and Evan Shirley, Client Solutions Executive, outline key considerations for maximizing the ROI on your DTC investment for years to come. 

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2. Direct-to-Consumer Strategy for a CPG Company  

Implementing DTC channels for your brand can enable your business to increase revenue, reach a wider audience of consumers, and provide a more personalized customer experience. When planning out your DTC operating model, however, it’s important to first start with a clear roadmap and consider both short- and long-term business objectives.  

In this case study, Idoia Hidalgo, Scott Shaw, and Peter Tzefronis discuss Clarkston’s role in creating a DTC strategy for an outdoor recreation equipment company that was looking to grow its DTC business domestically and globally.  

Explore this Case Study

3. Going DTC in the Pet Food Industry 

The pet food industry has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. As consumers prioritize their pets’ needs and continue to explore different shopping channels for the sake of convenience, the DTC channel has proven to be a viable option. In this piece, Lorraine Mackiewicz, manager, discusses the emergence of DTC in the pet food industry and its implications for pet food manufacturers and brands moving forward. 

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4. Delivering an Email Opt-In Best Practices Assessment 

Email continues to be a channel in which brands can best communicate and engage with their consumers. However, there are best practices to keep in mind if email communication is going to remain part of your marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to opt-in or opt-out protocols. In this case study, Aaron Chio, associate partner, and Addie Schmidt, consultant, walk us through a digital marketing and email opt-in best practices assessment for a large medical device manufacturing company.  

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5. DTC Discussions: A 10-Part DTC Webinar Series  

From making the decision to adopt a DTC model for your business, to navigating the competitive eCommerce space, to understanding the data and analytics behind DTC, there are a number of factors to consider when thinking about launching, developing, or optimizing a DTC business. In this 10-part webinar series, Evan Shirley, Client Solutions Executive, interviews a range of Clarkston DTC consultants to discuss the most critical and pressing areas of focus in adopting DTC for your business. 

Watch DTC Discussions

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