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Maximizing the ROI on Your DTC Investment 

A direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model affords companies lower barriers to entry to most markets and creates opportunities to create scale and reach without investments in traditional retail and wholesale channels. Growing a business via DTC channels also provides unique benefits that are harder to come by in traditional retail. For example, the company can create direct opportunities for consumer engagement and test and learn, gain a deeper understanding of their consumers and their behaviors, and provide a more personalized approach to selling target consumers. 

Given those benefits, many traditional CPG businesses (that primarily sell through retail) have launched a DTC channel to capitalize on the data and engagement opportunities. Launching in DTC often requires investments in new technology tools and data, organizational skillsets, and processes. As such, companies often look after their launch to ensure that they are getting the most out of their DTC investments. Continue reading by downloading the free eBook …

Download the DTC Investment eBook

This eBook highlights the following key areas to consider when evaluating return and optimizing a DTC business for growth: 1) Creating Brand Awareness, 2) Driving Purchase Consideration, 3) Completing the Purchase, and 4) Driving Growth Through Retention and Advocacy. 

Within each area, we’ll highlight key considerations businesses must take into account in order to optimize their DTC investment and sustain returns.

Maximizing Your DTC Investment 

As DTC companies continue to grow and penetrate various markets, DTC leaders will need to be aware of how to grow and maintain their business. Both attracting new consumers and retaining existing consumers can be difficult, but they are essential to DTC success and financial growth. To better understand these trends and the impact they may have on your businesses, reach out to Clarkston’s DTC consulting experts. 

Download the DTC Investment eBook

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Contributions from Katarzyna Leszczuk and Vishnu Avva

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