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DTC Discussions: A 10-Part DTC Webinar Series 

Adopting a DTC model has far-reaching implications across nearly all areas of the business. As we work alongside leaders in consumer products companies, we often get into the discussion about the goals of DTC, how to establish a DTC channel that is accretive to the rest of the business, and how to do it without losing focus on the base business. In response to these many discussions and projects, we’ve created a DTC Discussions Webinar Series 

In this series, Clarkston Client Solution Executive and DTC expert Evan Shirley sits down with a range of DTC consultants to discuss the most critical areas of focus in adopting DTC to your business. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive free overview of DTC education and learning available online, focusing on what areas to consider when launching, developing, or optimizing a DTC business for an established company.  

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer products companies were only beginning to explore the direct-to-consumer (DTC) market. Needless to say, that has evolved into a much more robust and expansive approach to DTC in the past few years, particularly as people continue to shop online more than ever before. We’re seeing that customers prefer to buy direct and expect brands to meet this need. This less-than-two-hour series provides helpful tips and ideas for companies at any stage in the development of DTC channel and any maturity of its operations.  

DTC Discussions Webinar Series Parts 1-10 

Part One: Introduction to DTC(16:59)   

The first webinar of the series is an introduction to DTC and business goals. We discuss the motivation behind why companies look to engage in DTC and the path to DTC success, keeping in mind that DTC should be designed to meet consumer needs and evolving trends.  

Most interesting for: Leadership  

Part Two: Direct to Consumer Project Management(12:58)   

In our second webinar, we discuss DTC success factors, including leadership, team, goals, and project management. Going DTC isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. There are several changing factors across the business that require project management expertise and guidance to succeed.  

Most interesting for: DTC Team  

Part Three: Digital Pathway and DTC Storefront(10:54)
As the digital hub of the DTC experience, the storefront connecting the consumer-facing frontend with the brand’s backend systems is a critical investment for businesses in the DTC space. In the third episode of DTC Discussions, we discuss the growingly competitive and complex commerce platform space. 

Most interesting for: Web / Digital Experience Team  

Part Four: Payment, Tax, and Accounting in DTC(8:38)
In shifting from a more traditional model to a DTC model, payment economics alone are scaling up considerably and will require businesses be able to manage accordingly. In many cases, this shift will not only require a change in strategy or process but the implementation of an entirely new technology or capability. In this episode of DTC Discussions, we share helpful tips and questions for your business to consider about transactions. 

Most interesting for: Accounting and Tax Team 

Part Five: DTC Logistics and Supply Chain Operations(14:04)
From new distribution models to shipping lead times, forecasting, and planning, the supply chain implications of a DTC model are far-reaching and will have impacts that radiate across the business and its customers. In fifth episode of DTC Discussions, we cover DTC logistics, supply chain implications, 3PL partnerships, and more, touching on the practical considerations and logistics operations for businesses looking to create a seamless customer experience and profitable model for growth. 

Most interesting for: Supply Chain and Operations 

Part Six: DTC Marketing and Analytics(5:58)  

DTC marketing has undergone drastic shifts over the last few years as brands have found new, innovative ways to leverage data to improve their consumers’ experience, drive new growth, and meet shifting consumer expectations. In this episode of the webinar series, we discuss various aspects of DTC marketing and analytics, including investing in first-party data, leveraging website tagging and analytics, and maximizing DTC marketing returns with the right team of talent. 

Most interesting for: Analytics Team  

Part Seven: DTC Managing the Customer Care Experience(10:02)  

When it comes to launching or enhancing a DTC business, there are many opportunities for the front line that engages directly with your customers. DTC companies aim to take care of their customers in a variety of methods, but at the end of the day, a customer’s relationship with a company hinges on a series of smaller interactions. In this episode of DTC Discussions, we chat through how to create a consistent customer care experience and the key capabilities that care teams have. 

Most interesting for: Consumer Care Team 

Part Eight: DTC Core Information Systems(11:15)  

When it comes to DTC business, it’s important for CPG companies to understand the information systems that are at the core of the DTC experience. From order placement at the commerce platform to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to payment processing, there are a number of information systems CPG companies can implement. In the eighth episode of our DTC Webinar Series, we dig into some of the core information systems that enable DTC businesses to function. 

Most interesting for: IT Team 

Part Nine: DTC Product Portfolio and Price (13:22)  

Companies must put the consumer at the center of their decision-making. When considering what the right strategy is to differentiate your company, it’s not just about your product – it’s about the service you’re providing to your customer, too. Meeting and exceeding customer need or expectation is the driving force of why companies are moving to DTC. In the ninth episode of our DTC Webinar Series, we discuss product portfolio and pricing strategies that can be implemented in the DTC channel. 

Most interesting for: Brand Team  

Part 10: DTC, Brand, and Engagement (8:49)  

As companies increasingly move into the DTC space, understanding and responding to the needs and wants of consumers is absolutely essential. The concept of consumer centricity – putting the consumer at the center of all decision-making – is at the top of mind for companies looking for ways to remain relevant and profitable in an ever growing and evolving DTC space. In our 10th and final episode of this DTC Webinar Series, we dive into the “why” behind direct-to-consumer, opportunities for consumer centricity and consumer engagement, and brand and innovation. 

Most interesting for: Marketing Team  

Implementing a DTC Strategy for Your Business 

Consumer preferences and expectations will continue to drive the need for online retail solutions. Whether you are looking to launch commerce for the first time, make it more frictionless for consumers, or create omnichannel experiences, this DTC Webinar Series can help you consider new areas to build capability for the consumer. If your business is looking for support in establishing a DTC channel or building out your digital capabilities, feel free to reach me here 

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