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Delivering an Email Opt-In Best Practices Assessment

We recently partnered with a leading medical device manufacturer on an assessment of their consumer digital marketing practices and provided email opt-in best practices. This company is known for designing, manufacturing, and marketing orthodontic appliances in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. 

The client primarily markets to consumers through lead forms provided on their website, where consumers may express interest in the client’s product by opting to receive communication from the client’s consumer outreach teams. The client’s outreach team then manages and utilizes their CRM system to further engage with consumer leads.   

Consumers no longer interested in receiving communications may elect to opt-out of communications. This action was expected to automatically update the client’s CRM system and prevent additional communication from occurring. However, discrepancies were present in the client’s process which led to the occurrence of incorrect system behavior and subsequent impacts to the consumer. This posed various risk to the client as their consumer communication protocols must be in alignment with relevant compliance laws. It also impacted the client’s ability to maintain high standards for consumer satisfaction. Therefore, it was critical to thoroughly analyze each of their processes in order to identify and resolve any discrepancies causing the consumer opt-out issues.     

Download the Full Email Opt-in Best Practices Case Study Here

The client enlisted Clarkston’s support with conducting a comprehensive assessment of their consumer digital marketing practices, identifying any gaps within their CRM systemic processes, and evaluating their consumer outreach protocols. Clarkston gathered insight by conducting numerous interviews with cross-functional departments and creating use cases with varying test criteria to document communication activity. After collecting data an overarching end-to-end process encompassing the consumer opt-in and opt-out methods was developed, along with best practices for consumer opt-in/opt-out communication protocols. These initiatives enabled Clarkston to frame a series of short-term and long-term strategic recommendations to address the primary issue and reinforce an overall more robust consumer marketing campaign.

Download the full Email Opt-in Best Practices Assessment case study here, learn more about our Digital Consulting Services or contact us below.

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