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Direct-to-Consumer Strategy for a CPG Company

Clarkston supported an outdoor recreation equipment company in designing their global direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy and local U.S. go-to-market DTC strategies for specific brands. In this CPG company DTC strategy case study, the client’s goal was to leverage DTC as a key enabler for their revenue growth ambitions and to understand the implications on strategy, processes, people, and technology. The project’s main goal focused on Clarkston developing a clear and actionable roadmap that outlined the design, execution plans, timelines, and investments required to grow the DTC business domestically and globally.

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Clarkston provided a clear gap analysis on the client’s current state in DTC and DTC operating model, identifying opportunities in the short-term and long-term. Next, leveraging industry-leading practice, we highlighted gaps in the DTC operating model as it related to the DTC storefront, order management, planning, logistics, payment and tax, operational capabilities, and technology. Subsequently, the team identified DTC strategic opportunities for specific brands and regions by crafting a tailored business model and go-to-market strategy, including value proposition identification and consumer experience.

To execute these DTC brand strategies, Clarkston made key recommendations to the operational, technology, and organizational strategies based on identified gaps in operating models. To enable strategic decision-making and investment prioritization, Clarkston prepared a financial analysis of projected revenue, cost, and required investments to achieve their mid-term goals. Finally, Clarkston created a clear implementation roadmap, prioritizing key investments and activities required to create a best-in-class DTC business (including technology, people, and marketing, with estimated costs). 

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