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Breaking Down DE+I Myths: Does Meritocracy Negate the Need for DE+I?

As the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) landscape shifts and adapts as we progress into 2024, we know that many organizations are beginning to think through what their DE+I strategy should look like moving forward. In our experience partnering with different businesses in this space, we’ve found that there are often a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to corporate DE+I. With hopes to make some of the common conversations we’re having more accessible, we’ve launched our Breaking Down DE+I Myths webinar series where we dive into common DE+I discussions we’re having.

In our four-part webinar series, we give you an inside look into candid data-driven conversations had by several of our DE+I experts as we aim to dispel common DE+I myths. Whether it’s breaking down the idea that the case for DE+I is too subjective, to discussing why HR presentations alone won’t solve your DE+I challenges, our goal is to give businesses an overview of DE+I lessons learned so you can avoid them as you embark on your strategy. 

Does Meritocracy Negate the Need for DE+I?

Today, in our third webinar of the series, DE+I consultants Shane Partington and Caroline Hubbard dive into one of the common myths we hear: Does meritocracy negate the need for DE+I? Caroline and Shane kick off the conversation by breaking down two types of bias we often see in the corporate DE+I space: human bias and evaluation bias, as well as the potential impacts of these different biases. We know that in a vacuum, a true meritocracy may be possible someday when we achieve an equal playing field, but for now, it’s important to deploy a strong DE+I strategy to create that equity and equality. In this 14-minute webinar, Caroline and Shane discuss types of biases that exist, how your organization can create a strong DE+I strategy, and then talk through some actionable bit-sized steps to get started. The team also discusses a few potential ways Clarkston can support your DE+I journey. 

Watch the 14-Minute Webinar Here

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