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2022 Clarkston Consulting CIO Survey Summary Report

Read our updated report here: 2023 CIO Survey

The 2022 CIO Survey Summary Report provides insight into the priorities, challenges, and opportunities facing IT leaders in the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries this year. Download the entire report below. 

Businesses across the world continue to face talent and labor shortages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and companies within the tech industry are no different. These shortages, combined with changes to the “normal” workplace environment, have resulted in many companies rethinking and assessing their current and future challenges, opportunities, and priorities within their IT departments. In late 2021, Clarkston Consulting conducted a CIO Market Study, aiming to better understand the current priorities and challenges of upper or C-Suite level IT professionals (CIO/CISO/CTO/VP) at large companies ($350M+ revenue) in the retail, CPG, manufacturing, or life science industries. 

Download the 2022 CIO Survey

CIO Survey Objectives

The four key objectives for the 2022 CIO Survey were to: 

  1. Understand the overall relationship between IT and other departments within the company.
  2. Understand current IT budget distribution, technologies/platforms used, and sources for technology-specific learning and development. 
  3. Identify attributes that are important in selecting outsourcing or managed services partners, a professional services provider, or a technology platform/vendor. 
  4. Determine priorities for the coming year and understand how COVID-19 has changed priorities in recent years. 

Market Study Results

Through this CIO Market Study, Clarkston was able to gain valuable insight on the current status and perceptions of IT departments, including budget, ERP usage, investments, outsourced activities, and department health; department expectations, priorities, and plans for the upcoming year; and important attributes in outsourcing and managed services, among other key findings.  

The results of this survey provide a detailed view of many of the challenges that IT departments across the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries continue to face, particularly as they navigate the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the workplace. To learn about the detailed findings of the report, please read the 2022 Clarkston Consulting CIO Survey Summary Report below. 

Download the 2022 CIO Survey

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