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Enabling Commercialization through an Accelerated IT Vendor Selection Methodology

Clarkston Consulting partnered with a client to enable commercialization through an accelerated IT vendor selection methodology. Read a synopsis of the project below or download the full case study.

Download the Accelerated IT Vendor Selection Methodology Case Study Here

This client is a clinical-stage immune-oncology company on the way to commercializing its first therapy. As they move forward in their journey to commercialization, the organization will select and implement several business-critical IT systems. As such, it’s imperative that the systems meet both business and IT selection criteria.  

Business teams are in various stages of identifying solutions and vendors. There’s an emerging risk that solutions are being selected purely or heavily on (immediate) functional fit without adequate consideration of strategic fit, interoperability, scalability, architectural fit, etc. To facilitate strategic and effective IT solution selections, the client partnered with Clarkston Consulting.  

Clarkston engaged in conversation with IT and Business Process Owners to identify and refine selection criteria and leveraged the information to create educational materials for the business. Through conversations, the team deepened their understanding of business system and process requirements for IT support as they prepare for commercialization. Clarkston also captured forward-looking objectives to shape IT’s understanding of anticipated needs as the company matures and launches additional commercial therapies.   

Finally, Clarkston developed a vendor selection methodology tailored to the client based on an understanding of strategic growth projections, immediate and anticipated future business requirements, technical architecture directives and vendor reputation, and total cost of solution implementation. Additionally, the team was attuned and sensitive to selection efforts already underway in the business units. The selection framework was created to be useful across all impacted functional groups and consider strategic criteria for both business and IT. 

The client realized a number of key benefits from this initiative, including a greater awareness of business progress and plans for vendor selection and the ability to use this knowledge to mitigate risk moving forward by taking a broader business and IT strategic perspective in solution selection. Clarkston also provided recommendations to shape the outlook as the client anticipates growth through commercial launches, inclusive of high-level next steps to establish an Enterprise Data Governance strategy. 

Download the Accelerated IT Vendor Selection Methodology case study, and learn more about our Vendor Selection and Advisory Services by contacting us below. 

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