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Irene Birbeck

Managing Partner, Implementation Consulting
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Irene Birbeck is a managing partner with Clarkston Consulting. In her client work, Irene specializes in the implementation and optimization of complex, global quality systems. Her industry experience spans companies within the life sciences sector, specifically in the cell and gene therapy biotechnology, and the consumer healthcare and chemical industries. In addition to quality systems implementations, Irene has managed projects related to research and development, commercialization, and commercial manufacturing. Irene is also passionate about helping companies in business process optimization, organizational transformation, and managing global teams.

Irene has several leadership positions within Clarkston Consulting including ownership of several professional development initiatives and is the Sponsor of the firm’s PRIDE Network.

Irene is also a prominent speaker on a variety of talent management topics, including the multi-generational workforce, motivating professionals, and managing complex global and diverse teams. As an active member of the community, Irene is involved in several charitable organizations including the United Way and the YMCA.

Irene received her B.A. in public policy with a concentration on science and technology policy and a B.A. in communications studies with a concentration in rhetoric from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, graduating with honors.