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Conducting an ERP Vendor Selection for a Commercialization Platform

Clarkston Consulting recently completed an ERP vendor selection for a commercialization platform. Read a synopsis of the project below or download the full case study.

Download the ERP Vendor Selection for a Commercialization Platform Case Study Here

This client is a pre-commercial medical dermatology company primarily focused on researching, developing and commercializing innovative therapeutic products for skin diseases. With their leading drug candidate in late Phase III trials and a pending NDA filing, the client recognized they had outgrown their legacy ERP and needed a platform that would support them through their commercialization journey and beyond.  The client engaged Clarkston Consulting for  our experience with both pre-commercial companies and  in ERP marketing to lead the selection process of their new solution. 

Clarkston began the process by finalizing an overall selection plan and aligning on overall goals for the initiative.  Then through a series of workshops with cross-functional teams from the client, Clarkston gathered and prioritized both current and future business and technical requirements for the ERP platform.  Utilizing Clarkston’s connections and understanding of the ERP market, Clarkston then engaged with a variety of ERP vendors to participate in the process. With the requirements documents and the vendor identified, Clarkton then worked with the client to develop RFP balancing structure while allowing creativity from the vendors. 

While the vendors were developing their responses to the RFP, the Clarkston team worked with the client to finalize the selection criteria to determine which vendors would be asked to participate in vendors. Additionally, working with the cross-functional teams, the team developed vendor demo scripts to provide a curated demo experience that would allow the client to see and understand their processes in the vendors systems. 

Following the completion of the vendor demos, the Clarkston team worked with the client to determine the right solution for their long-term goals.  After the vendor was selected, we worked with the client and selected vendor to refine their proposal and identify the scope for the initial implementation. 

As a result of the selection process, the client was able to select an ERP platform and system integration that was the right fit for the future of their organization. The project served as a way to accelerate their implementation, as the requirements gathering and alignment exercises sparked preparation activities in the organization to ensure readiness. 

Download the ERP Vendor Selection for a Commercialization Platform case study, and learn more about our Vendor Selection and Advisory Services by contacting us below. 

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