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Commercial Launch Advisory

Launching a new product in the life sciences industry requires a careful and resource-intensive orchestration of varying timelines, functions, and costs. Commercial launch readiness is only more burdened by the increasingly competitive and fragmented industry environment. Optimizing this process requires a combination of strategic alignment, digital enablement, and patient/provider engagement.

78% of modern drug launches faced at least one other competitor in the same indication at launch.

In the past, getting a drug to market was enough to ensure a return on investment. However, today numerous challenges must be overcome to successfully gain share. How teams organize themselves and use data to engage with key stakeholders before, during, and after launch often determines the success or failure of a brand.


We help companies engage patients and providers in a digitally connected world as they commercialize new drug therapies.

In preparation for commercial launch, pharma and biotech organizations balance the people, process and technology needs across the commercial, supply chain and compliance ecosystems. Cross-functional collaboration is essential to creating a connected ecosystem for a successful launch. 

  • Product Launch Planning
  • Launch Readiness
  • Commercialization Roadmap
  • Critical IT and Technology Planning and Implementation
  • Mock Launch

Companies can’t choose the channels through which they want to digitally engage. They have to go where their audience is. Behaviors are the new markets. Digital transformation is now required.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Positioning
  • Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Understanding Commercial Model Decision Impacts

The ability to leverage real-world datasets to drive better decision-making is becoming a reality. Companies need to define a strategy to analyze the data in a way that maximizes insights.

  • Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
  • Commercial Analytics
  • Technology Integration

What Our Clients Say

Life Sciences client quote

Director of Digital Excellence

Global Pharmaceutical Company

“So grateful for all Clarkston has done to prepare and execute launch readiness. From maintaining project plans, to helping with compliance reviews, to catching bugs to working on the start form, you have been a key player in our launch team.”

Chief Technical Operations and Quality Officer

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

“My experience has been fantastic — great relationships, and everybody shows up incredibly professional. [Clarkston] really drives for results, so we don’t have to (so to speak). They really just have a way of being able to motivate the teams, energize the teams, and have fun along the way.”

We help our clients execute a commercial launch strategy at an organizational and brand level. For more information on how we can help your company, please contact our Life Sciences Sales and Marketing service leader, Anna Ivashko.

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