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Top Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Insights from 2023

As 2023 winds down, I’ve taken the time to look back at the extensive content pieces that our industry experts here at Clarkston have crafted over the past year. Reflecting on these various DEI case studies and thought leadership pieces is especially critical as we think about what more can be done when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the year ahead, from improving clinical trial accessibility to creating a more inclusive retail landscape. You can read some of our top DEI insights from 2023 below; for all of our DEI insights, you can learn more here 

Top 6 DEI Insights from 2023

1. Establishing Strategies to Improve DE+I in Clinical Trials 

The role of DE+I in clinical trials is crucial for receiving accurate and effective treatment results that ultimately help to foster greater safety and improved health outcomes globally. In this piece, Brandon Miller, Marcus McCray, and Janel Firestein highlight this demand for greater diversity in trial populations, including considering race, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and more, and strategies to consider in order to implement a more inclusive approach to clinical trial design, planning, and execution. 

Learn more about strategies to improve DE+I in clinical trials >

2. Resources to Support and Promote DE+I in Clinical Trials 

While a need exists to design and execute more inclusive and diverse clinical trials, how exactly can we get there? In this piece, Brandon Miller and Hannah Johnson explore a number of resources available to support and promote DE+I in clinical trials, focusing on factors such as DE+I training, strategic participant recruitment, and financial assistance, and discuss the importance of growing a meaningful connection between participants and coordinators to foster a more patient-centric experience. 

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3. Developing a Corporate DE+I Communications Plan for a Luxury Brand 

In this case study, Brandon Miller, LaToya Lee Jones, and Mary Trbovich explore Clarkston’s partnership with a global luxury wine and spirits brand. The project included developing a comprehensive DE+I communications plan that specifically targeted the processes, audiences, and key roles within corporate teams. Taking a multifaceted approach of conducting DE+I surveys, interviewing stakeholders, and evaluating employee preference, the partnership enabled better employee and stakeholder alignment as well as higher-quality DE+I communications. 

Dive deeper into the corporate DE+I communications plan case study >

4. How to Prepare for ICH E6(R3): The Future of Clinical Trials 

What does the future of clinical trials look like, exactly? In this piece, Erica Parks Murray and Laurie Stone discuss the latest with ICH E6(R3), a comprehensive blueprint for the future of clinical trials. The guidelines outlined by ICH E6(R3) aim to help the industry adapt to a post-pandemic clinical trials environment by placing greater emphasis on participant safety, data quality, and compliance with industry guidelines and requirements.  

Learn more about how to prepare for ICH E6(R3) >

5. Embracing Multicultural Engagement and Diversity, Equity + Inclusion in Luxury Retail 

As socially conscious consumers become more aware of the social responsibilities of the company they are purchasing from, the importance of DE+I in luxury retail specifically can’t be understated. For luxury retailers, this means that taking meaningful action isn’t only the right thing to do, but it can also have a business impact on their bottom line. This piece by Brandon Miller calls attention to both opportunities and challenges for the luxury retail industry when it comes to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive landscape, both for its shoppers and employees.  

Explore how luxury retailers can further embrace multicultural engagement >

6. Eliminating Ambiguity: Using Tools to Create and Measure Progress on DE+I Goals 

In today’s world, consumers are increasingly seeking out brands with real commitments to DE+I and policies to support them. However, organizations often claim to support a certain initiative but fall short when it comes to carrying through with that action. In this piece, Eshan Kalarikkal discusses how creating clear goals and establishing metrics – such as with Clarkston’s “Insights to Action” tool, can aid organizations in seeing progress and making their DE+I initiatives achievable.  

Read about using tools to create and measure DE+I goal progress >

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