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Supply Chain Transformation with Change Management: Taking Stock with Sebastian V.

Clarkston Consulting Partner Sebastian Valencia will be speaking on the need for change management in supply chain transformation at the NASCES 2022 conference this week. Click below to hear Sebastian’s thoughts on the topic in this episode of Taking Stock. 

For almost every business across every industry, the supply chain has been at the center of the conversation for the past two and a half years. A variety of drivers – from geopolitical instability to labor shortages to inflation pressures – have caused an unprecedented level of global supply chain disruption and uncertainty. In turn, businesses have started to adopt new technologies and capabilities to meet the needs of this current landscape and adapt to this volatility and disruption. 

Technologies that provide real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility, demand sensing, predictive analytics, and more, will be critical for supply chain planning, both now and in the future. This technology, however, can’t succeed without a holistic change management strategy.  

When companies invest in new systems, processes, and tools, organizational change management (OCM) has to be taken into consideration. The true challenge that comes with successful adoption isn’t with the data or the technology itself – rather, it’s the people.  

How do you get people to trust and believe in these systems and tools? How do you get them to step away from old planning tools? How can you get people to both understand and embrace this change?  

Supply Chain Transformation with Change Management: Taking Stock with Sebastian V.

In this episode of Taking Stock, I’m joined by  Sebastian Valencia, partner at Clarkston Consulting, as we discuss how change management enables supply chain transformation.

Deployment of any advanced supply chain planning tool isn’t just about the points and the clicks, it’s about the people. For companies to be successful in their supply chain planning and business transformation, proper OCM investment will pay off.

You can download and listen here:

Taking Stock  

In this podcast series, Clarkston Consulting Partner Steve Rosenstock sits down with experts and thought leaders from both within Clarkston and throughout its consumer products, life sciences, and retail client-base, covering a range of topics from industry trends and consumer dynamics to organizational governance and business strategy. Steve provides you access to the passions of the guests and allows you to benefit from their stories, knowledge, and deep expertise.   

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