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Global Supply Chain Disruption: Taking Stock with Aley Saleh, Scott Shaw, and Evan Shirley

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to scan a news site or paper and not see a story focusing on some aspect of the global supply chain crisis. From ships stuck in ports to understaffed warehouses and empty grocery store shelves, the disruptions to our supply chains as a result of the COVID pandemic are hard to miss. Consumers have certainly been feeling the effects of widespread disruption and business leaders themselves are no different – a statistic from Bank of America counted a 412% increase in mentions of supply chain issues by chief executives over the previous year. Supply chain disruption has seemingly become such a constant that The Federal Reserve Bank of New York introduced a new measure for global supply chain disruptions in January 2022 – the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index.

Prior to the pandemic, the global supply chain was already a complex and intricate web and the resulting post-COVID challenges are just as complex and intricate. Supply, procurement, transportation, logistics, labor – all areas that have experienced significant disruption over the course of the past two years.

In this episode of Taking Stock, I’m thrilled to be joined by three Clarkston consultants – Aley Saley, Scott Shaw, and Evan Shirley. They each bring a unique perspective on the situation after having assisted clients with some of these very challenges over the past two years.

We’re taking a macro look at what we’re seeing in consumer products from a supply chain perspective, what companies are doing differently to overcome these new challenges, some of the ways the government is intervening to try and alleviate the situation, and what businesses should be considering as they look ahead to the coming year.

You can download and listen to Global Supply Chain Disruption: Taking Stock with Aley Saleh, Scott Shaw, and Evan Shirley here.


Taking Stock

In this podcast series, Clarkston Consulting Partner Steve Rosenstock sits down with experts and thought leaders from both within Clarkston and throughout its consumer products and life sciences client-base, covering a range of topics from industry trends and consumer dynamics, to organizational governance and business strategy. Steve provides you access into the passions of its guests and allows you to benefit from their stories, knowledge, and deep expertise.

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