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Organizational Change Management: Taking Stock with Eileen George

Prioritizing organizational change management (OCM) and involving your people in the process is table stakes. For any successful implementation, there’s a significant reliance on end-user adoption, as they’re the ones who will be directly impacted by the change at the end of the day. How do you get individuals aligned and on board? How are you communicating with them? Are people willing to adapt? If not, why? What are their concerns? Are you listening to them? 

Project after project, and implementation after implementation, it’s been clear that people are the reason behind any successful organizational change. Without taking time to be clear and transparent about upcoming change – and without taking time to talk to your employees and understand their concerns, challenges, or frustrations – organizations can fail to achieve their transformational business goals or initiatives they’re chasing after.  

Driving Transformation through Organizational Change

One of the biggest challenges for companies can be a lack of alignment across leadership and agreement on the value achieved through change. This lack of a united, visible executive team is often why an organizational change management initiative fails. As leaders, you’re being watched and evaluated by the individuals on your team, both in action and in the ways you communicate to your team. If leadership isn’t aligned or aspirational about the vision you’re trying to accomplish, you risk losing the trust and support of the rest of the organization.  

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with an active and visible leadership team who takes time to understand what motivates the individuals on their team and the value that this change will bring, organizations will be able to drive change more effectively.  

In this episode of Taking Stock, I’m joined by Eileen George, a principal consultant with Clarkston and a leader in organizational change management, as we discuss driving transformation through OCM.  

You can download and listen to Driving Transformation Through Organizational Change Management: Taking Stock with Eileen George here. 

Taking Stock 

In this podcast series, Clarkston Consulting Partner Steve Rosenstock sits down with experts and thought leaders from both within Clarkston and throughout its consumer products and life sciences client-base, covering a range of topics from industry trends and consumer dynamics to organizational governance and business strategy. Steve provides you access into the passions of its guests and allows you to benefit from their stories, knowledge, and deep expertise. 

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