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DTC Digital Strategy and Market Sizing Assessment for a Leading National Wholesaler

In this DTC Digital Strategy case study, we explore a project with a leading wholesaler in the U.S. automotive industry looking to identify the feasibility of expanding their business to selling Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), without cannibalizing their current customer base. Clarkston led primary and secondary research and analysis, which included internal stakeholder interviews, voice-of-the-customer (VOC) interviews, VOC survey, market sizing assessment, and a financial business case. 

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To get there, Clarkston evaluated the client’s most critical challenges and the level of executive alignment with the potential strategy. Clarkston conducted VOC interviews and launched a VOC survey to assess the level of customer dissonance against the idea of going DTC and incorporated findings into several strategic potential DTC operating models. Clarkston leveraged ‘out of industry’ benchmarks and novel ideas to determine leading best practices in entering the DTC space. Lastly, Clarkston conducted substantial market research to determine the size of the prize for potential go-to-market strategies, bringing all inputs together across our client’s executives to gain alignment on the path forward.  

By partnering with Clarkston, the client gained greater insight into the level of interest amongst current customers, internal alignment, and the potential financial and operational impacts if the client decided to expand into DTC.  

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Contributions by Mary Trbovich

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