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Top Data + Analytics Insights from 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, I’ve taken time to reflect on the 200+ content pieces that our industry experts here at Clarkston have generated over the past year. Below, I’ve highlighted just a few of our top insights for data and analytics in 2022. For all of our 2022 data and analytics insights, you can read more here. 

Top 7: 2022 Data + Analytics Insights

1. Streamlining M&A Data Migration 

During any merger and acquisition, there’s a significant number of financial transactions and data migrations and integrations that must occur. However, without the proper solutions and systems in place, theses processes can be extremely complex and a significant investment in time and resources. In this case study, Aaron Chio, associate partner, outlines Clarkston’s successful completion of three M&A data migrations and integrations for a client. 

Read the Case Study


2. What is Data Modernization?  

In an increasingly digital world, it’s imperative that organizations invest in their database systems to ensure high-quality, easily accessible, and secure data. As such, data modernization – the process of moving from outdated databases to modern, cloud-based systems – must be a priority for businesses. In this piece, Saif Murad, senior data scientist, explores what it means to follow a data-first strategy when undertaking a data modernization effort.    

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3. Why Businesses Should Think of Data as a Product 

Within any organization, data is key. Good data leads to improved decision-making and high-quality insights, but oftentimes teams struggle to actually find and analyze that data because they’re not thinking of their data as a product. In this piece, Ron Itelman, principal consultant, the importance of incorporating principles of user experience (UX) in data management to unlock tremendous value for your team. 

Learn More about “Data as a Product”


4. Leveraging Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in a Cookie-Less Future  

As regulations surrounding consumer data and privacy continue to evolve, organizations will need to adapt to a cookie-less digital landscape. The release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) earlier this year was the latest update to the company’s website tracking and analytics platform, and it offers companies a solution for capturing and analyzing user data while also adhering to privacy standards. In this piece, Brandon Regnerus and Brandon Smith, senior consultants, outline how companies can best leverage GA4 in a cookie-less future. 

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5. Key Issues in  Master Data Management 

When organizations have large programs consisting of multiple systems, gathering and analyzing data from various locations and different systems can be a nightmare without good data management practices in place. In this piece, Cara Ridenhour, partner, walks us through three challenges companies often encounter with master data management for large programs or implementations.  

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6. Integral Skills for a Data and Analytics Dream Team 

Think about the people at your organization who work most closely with data and analytics. What qualities and skills do they possess? It’s no secret that companies often integrate data into their decision-making; as such, companies want individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and technical skills on their teams to help make those important decisions. In this piece, Brandon Regnerus, senior consultant, and Michael Onore, manager, outline some of the integral skills that individuals on any data and analytics dream team should possess. 

Explore Top Skills for a Data + Analytics Team


7. Uncovering Process Mining Use Cases 

From sales to IT to finance, process mining can be used to improve efficiencies and drive significant returns across multiple areas of your business – if you have the right tools and processes in place. In this piece, Megan Weldon, CTS senior manager, explores process use cases for data mining (and the benefits associated with it) across several business functions. 

Read about Process Mining


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