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SAP Webinar Series: How SAP Helps You Meet This Year’s Consumer Products Trends

Clarkston’s 2021 Consumer Products Trends Report addresses the most current consumer characteristics and trends that are impacting the industry. Changing consumer dynamics are demanding new organizational capabilities and processes, leading organizations to push ahead competitively through diversified sales, personalized marketing, commitment to quality, streamlined supply chains, and more. As the year continues, it’s necessary that businesses take a holistic and cross-functional approach in order to effectively address these trends. In this 25-minute webinar, we share use cases and examples of how SAP’s applications help you address this year’s consumer products industry trends.

Watch the 25-Minute SAP for Consumer Products Webinar Here

Consumer products companies are being pushed more than ever to accurately and swiftly meet the needs of their shoppers and consumers. SAP enables competitive organizations to effectively provide these solutions. Wherever you may be on your SAP journey, SAP provides diverse applications and technologies to support every aspect of your business. From our experience advising clients in the consumer products space, the strategic use of your technology landscape is key to building your competitive advantage.

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Whether you’re starting new, making a transition, upgrading, integrating, or optimizing, SAP is a critical part of your IT Strategy. Watch the webinar to explore the diverse end-to-end solutions offered through SAP and how their industry-specific use cases can elevate your organization’s technology landscape.

Download the Full Webinar here: How SAP Helps You Meet This Year’s Consumer Products Trends

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