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Top Pharmaceutical Insights from 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, I’ve taken time to reflect on the 200+ content pieces that our industry experts here at Clarkston have generated over the past year. Below, I’ve highlighted just a few of our top pharmaceutical insights for 2022. For all of our 2022 pharma insights, you can read more here. 

Top 6: 2022 Pharmaceutical Insights

1. The Elusive “Next Best Action” in Provider Engagement  

The diversity of marketing within the healthcare industry may make it difficult for firms to identify the best channels, messaging, and timing. In this piece, Michael Onore, manager, breaks down every aspect of determining a healthcare firm’s Next Best Action (NBA) for their marketing strategy.   

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2. BioPharma Launch Planning Strategy and Management  

Preparing for a product launch can be extremely challenging in a volatile market– and not to mention, extremely time- and resource-intensive. Once it’s FDA-approved, you need to be prepared to act swiftly and efficiently. In this case study, Peter Tzefronis, associate partner, walks us through Clarkston’s role in a biopharma launch planning strategy and management project for an early-stage biopharmaceutical company.    

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3. Inflation’s Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry 

The recent Inflation Reduction Act has specific legislation that affects the pharmaceutical industry. It’s important for firms to recognize the adjustments which they may need to make in anticipation of broader shifts in the market. In this piece, Janel Firestein, partner, and Jerry Janis, director, explore the Inflation Reduction Act and its broader impact on the pharmaceutical industry.   

Read About the Inflation Reduction Act 

4. How Will the Verification Routing Service (VRS) Impact DSCSA?  

In 2023, the FDA will require wholesalers to verify identifiers of saleable returns for prescription drugs. This comes as a component of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and has implications for wholesalers and manufacturers within the industry. In this piece, Dave Treadaway, partner, discusses using the Verification Routing Service (VRS) in response to satisfying this new requirement.   

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5. Personalizing the Patient Experience – A Digital Approach for Pharma 

When thinking about a patient’s healthcare journey, it’s important for healthcare providers to keep the patient at the center of it all. In an increasingly digital world, that patient-centric care is even more crucial to ensure the individual has a positive, seamless experience. In this case study, Anna Ivashko, manager, outlines Clarkston’s work with a biotech client that was looking to improve the patient experience through a digital approach to pharma. 

Learn About Personalizing the Patient Experience

6. Implications for the Generics Industry:  Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company 

Mark Cuban’s launch of the Cost Plus Drug Company has created ripples in the pharmaceutical industry. By offering generic drugs at steeply discounted rates, his company forces established firms to rethink their strategies. In this piece, Dmitri Serebrianik, Client Solutions Executive, breaks down the effects of the new company on the drug market and its implications for the generics industry moving forward. 

Read About Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company

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