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The ROI of Integrated Reporting

Like most companies, you are likely looking for new ways to cut costs, improve margins and add new revenue streams, all the while attracting and maintaining talent and reducing reputational risks. Many companies are overlooking a fundamental strategy that can shed light on new ways to improve business in many of these areas – Integrated Reporting.

Integrated Reporting refocuses Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability efforts to align with and support your company’s core values, business objectives, and both short and long-term goals. In doing so, the process identifies where it is most critical to invest, based on financial return and stakeholder concerns. Leaders in both the Consumer Products and Life Sciences industries are experiencing the benefits of Integrated Reporting at a rapidly increasing rate. In this paper, we investigate what the ROI of Integrated Reporting can look like for your company, and how you can realize it.


Integrated Reporting is the process of measuring and reporting on the most material aspects of corporate value creation, risk, and prospects. The process is one that is repeatable year-over year, using stakeholder and shareholder engagement to identify the most critical economic, environmental, and social aspects that are affecting your company. The report aligns your Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability actions (CSR for our purposes) with these material aspects and outlines the risks and opportunities stemming from the hotspots. By providing this holistic view, an Integrated Report arms the C-suite to make informed business decisions to optimize CSR programs, uncover opportunities for efficiencies, mitigate risk, and funnel investment into corporate sustainability efforts that will lead directly to bottom line growth.

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