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Real-Time S&OP in Consumer Products

The consumer products industry is a challenging and complex environment. The ultimate goal is profit and the ultimate plan to maximize profitability requires cross functional consideration. Recent advancements in technology can now enable solving complex optimization models in real-time. These advancements in technology have changed the game for analytics and real-time end-to-end supply chain optimization. This is the next generation of the S&OP process.

Consumer products companies will need to address S&OP differently than ever before. This paper discusses how technology advancements have changed how analytics can be leveraged in end-to-end supply chain optimization. While aligning demand and supply will remain a critical element, the next generation of S&OP will focus on making real-time business decisions that maximize profit and ensure an optimal return. The technology alone, however, is not enough to achieve a competitive advantage.

To view the report Real-Time S&OP in Consumer Products click through to read the PDF below.

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Tags: Product Lifecycle Management