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Multinational Pharma Company Undergoes 3PL Consolidation

As the process for manufacturing and distributing medicines becomes more decentralized with different parties performing each function in the supply chain, there is potential for greater risks and inefficiencies. With greater inefficiencies, costs begin to rise and impact your business’ bottom line. This specific client, a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer, faced challenges in the integration points between their U.S. and Canadian businesses. In particular, this client recognized the financial and efficiency costs created by multiple 3PLs and sought Clarkston Consulting’s help with 3PL consolidation and optimization from both a technological and operational perspective.

Having previously worked with Clarkston to design and implement a serialization strategy, including integration with contract partners across multiple countries, the client knew that Clarkston had top-notch experience navigating the increasingly complex drug chain ecosystem.

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Throughout this project, Clarkston ensured optimal outcomes for the client through each component, including:

  • Evaluation and consolidation of existing logistics providers single Canadian 3PL,
  • Integration with provider, while verifying compliance with existing security, quality, and regulatory criteria,
  • Implementation of new systems and integration points, and
  • Harmonization of business processes, data, and systems.

Tackling this challenge wasn’t simply a matter of having the right functional expertise – it required a sound understanding of industry context and insight into industry best practices. Leveraging both functional and industry experience allowed Clarkston to provide the client with a sustainable solution that’s tailored to their specific needs.

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