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Labware BioLIMS Migration for a Biotechnology Company

Contributors: George Adams

Clarkston successfully completed a Labware BioLIMS migration for a biotechnology company. This client focuses on producing therapies for the treatment of hemophilia and other blood disorders in the United States and globally. A spinoff from another large biotechnology company, this client was acquired for in 2018. The addition of this company provided the parent organization with a strong position in the large and growing hemophilia market and expanded its presence in the field of rare blood disorders.  

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Due to M&A, Clarkston Consulting embarked on a “Lift & Shift” project where a legacy LabWare LIMS instance was migrated into a virtual hosting location of the acquiring company. One complication was that the legacy system was validated under the legacy procedures, but the migrated instance had to be validated under the acquiring company regulations. The project required both project management and technical expertise to ensure that the change in hosting location took into consideration all the technical and business requirements of the existing instance of LabWare LIMS, while complying with the requirements of the host location for the acquiring company.

By housing the LabWare LIMS into a single host location, the existing physical server and location were decommissioned along with several application licenses resulting in a significant cost avoidance. Due to the end of year licenses expirations, the project delivery was critical to avoid additional cost or increase the risk associated with operating critical GMP related applications without service support. In addition, key operational efficiencies were gained by consolidating the IT service support and applications within a single hosting location. Clarkston Consulting provided the project management and technical expertise to ensure that the migration activities took in account all the technical and business requirements and was delivered with the project time, scope, and cost.

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