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Highlighting Pathways to Equity and Engagement using our DE+I Insights to Action Analytics Platform

Driven by its own core values and renewed conversations regarding racial inequity & injustice in 2020, Monday Night Brewing, an award-winning food and beverage company, decided to take concrete steps regarding DE&I and their own employee equity and engagement. The organization’s goal was to take a hands-on approach to tailor its immediate steps and future planning to meet the encompassing DE&I related needs of its own employees as well as corporate responsibility of driving societal change. Having previously won an award as one of the ‘best places to work’ in a major city, the organization wanted to make sure its approach addressed the many challenges of 2020. This diversity and inclusion case study details the analytics-driven approach the company embarked on with Clarkston.

Download the Diversity and Inclusion Case Study Here

The client engaged Clarkston to support the administration and analysis of a diversity, equity, and inclusion focused employee survey aimed at understanding employee engagement and the customer experience through a DE&I lens. The survey was a tool to support immediate changes as well as guide their plans for 2021 and beyond. By tailoring the ‘Insights to Actions’ tool, Clarkston provided statistically based insights into the role of variables such as gender, race, location, work role, tenure, and others in across work outcomes such as pay, promotions, hiring, recruiting, and benefits. Leveraging the organizational network analysis, Clarkston was able to map both formal and informal employee networks to assess how ‘connectedness’ of employees can factor into retention and overall job satisfaction. The network maps also provided a subsequent blueprint for the execution of internal endeavors, knowledge transfers, attrition analysis, and succession planning.

By analyzing the survey results, Clarkston was also able to make customized recommendations regarding representation, pathways to leadership, collaboration, community, and culture categories ranked by effort to implement & return on value. By using employee insights that are position, race, age, and gender agnostic, the organization has taken a data-driven, employee-centric approach to driving organizational transformation, staying true to its core beliefs and taking tangible steps to honor its corporate responsibility.

Download the Diversity and Inclusion Case Study Here

The primary objectives for this project team included gaining insights into the current employee perception of DE&I practices, improve the company understanding of formal and informal coworker networks and how it relates to metrics, and developing a foundation for shaping organizational practices and polices in the future. This resulted in customizing the Clarkston ‘Insights to Action’ DE+I diagnostic survey to include the client requirements relating to internal employee equity and engagement networks and inclusivity of marketing messages and customer engagements.

Some of the key benefits that resulted from this project for the client partnership included protecting the confidentiality of employees by serving as an unbiased third party and provided end-to-end management of survey results and analysis. The team was able to provide validity to the results of the equity and engagement employee findings by utilizing Clarkston’s proprietary ‘Insights to Action’ platform, and in turn created a baseline to compare future growth to better understand the effectiveness of future endeavors for the company.

Download the full diversity and inclusion case study here.

In addition to the diversity and inclusion case study, Clarkston sat down with Monday Night Brewing to discuss the project, Clarkston’s Insights to Action DE+I Platform, and actionable analytics around equity and engagement. View the testimonial video below:

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