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Brand Strategy Development for a Global Haircare Manufacturer

This brand strategy development case study explores Clarkston’s work with a global manufacturer and retailer of women’s haircare products selling direct-to-consumer (DTC) online who has been growing their presence in the United States.

With the rapid increase of both brick and mortar and online competitors within the industry, this retailer was looking to better understand their target consumer’s passions and values and align their branding to create an emotional connection, increase brand loyalty, and differentiate themselves within the market. The retailer partnered with Clarkston to help achieve these goals.  

To accomplish this, Clarkston conducted a current state assessment to identify the gaps and areas of opportunity across functions and develop hypotheses for potential solutions. Clarkston then determined the manufacturer’s positioning and opportunities for growth within the market considering external drivers and competition. Through extensive analysis of the target consumer, Clarkston flagged key components that should be incorporated within the company to drive up sales. Clarkston then compared the client’s brand strategy to industry and out-of-industry best practices to develop additional recommendations for the manufacturer. 

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Clarkston further created a brand strategy assessment, pricing, competitive, and target consumer analysis, three expansion opportunities, and a short-, mid-, and long-term recommendation roadmap for the manufacturer to leverage. 

By partnering with Clarkston, the client gained a greater understanding about their target market and how to align their branding, product portfolio, and pricing with consumer preferences to position themselves more competitively in the growing haircare industry.  

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