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Conducting a 3PL Market Analysis to Inform a Strategic Growth Plan

In this 3PL market analysis case study, a third-party logistics (3PL) company engaged Clarkston Consulting to conduct a 3PL market analysis to ascertain the most profitable and strategic use of some of its U.S.-owned assets: three warehouses and a large empty plot of land on which a new warehouse could be built. On top of several underutilized owned assets, to which the company was looking to drive greater value, it was seeking an overall strategy that would bring about future growth through entering new industries, providing new services, and expanding their own capabilities. The client also wanted to mitigate risk by potentially selling some of its assets. 

Unsure of what services to provide and industries to cater to, Clarkston Consulting began by identifying the problem and studying the current state of each asset location. Looking at the bigger picture, Clarkston’s team then conducted a macroeconomic analysis to help the client better understand the external environment as well as recognize the different potential future scenarios. From there, Clarkston conducted a thorough competitor analysis across the 3PL industry, enabling the client to grasp the major and current trends. Finally, Clarkston closely analyzed the regional competitors to understand the best use of each warehouse (including the new one to be built on the empty plot of land) in each location.  

Download the 3PL Market Analysis Case Study Here

Thanks to the above steps, as well as through an exhaustive analysis of prospective services to offer and industries to cater to, the project culminated with extensive recommendations for each asset location, taking into consideration the company’s existing expertise as well as the macroeconomic outlook. Recommendations included a focus on B2B food and beverage and consumer products goods while expanding into B2C to become an omnichannel provider, as well as growing the company’s existing freight forwarding capacity  

Ultimately, Clarkston Consulting provided the company with a detailed short-term and long-term strategy meant to ramp up growth and increase productivity and efficiencies. 

Download the 3PL Market Analysis case study here. Learn more about our Strategic Innovation Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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