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Logistics Consulting

Whether it’s choosing providers for warehousing, 3PLs, CMOs, or IT solutions, new vendors enter the scene regularly. Our logistics consultants will partner with you to solve your  logistics problems – whether it’s making the right partner selection or implementing a new tool into your current supply chain landscape.

Organize the in-between to achieve a steady outcome.

The coordination of complex operations involves many people, facilities,  suppliers and partners. The digital transformation has made logistics more challenging from designing your logistics strategy to identifying a 3PL partner and everything in between.


We help our clients understand where to dig in to find the logistics solutions that best align with their business needs and supply chain strategy.

Supply Chain Partner Selection

Choosing the partners that make up your extended supply chain can make or break the effectiveness of your value chain. We’ll help you figure out when to outsource and how to choose the right partner.

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Contract Manufacturing Solutions
  • 3PL & Warehouse Partners

Supply Chain Technology (WMS, TMS)

With new technology options entering the scene daily, it can be hard to keep up. Our tried and true vendor selection and advisory process will help you pick the systems that align with your goals and landscape.

  • Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)
  • Extended Warehouse Management  Solutions (EWM)
  • Transportation Management Solutions (TMS)
  • Serialization Solutions


Logistics Vendor Integration

Once you’ve decided the best vendor, the work isn’t over. We’ll help you onboard your vendors, integrating with your current landscape.

  • Extended Supply Chain Collaborative Planning
  • Vendor Implementation and Integration
  • Data Governance
  • Project and Program Management

What Our Clients Say

Head of NA OTC

Global Pharmaceutical Company

In my opinion, Clarkston is proactive. Clarkston often reaches out with information and assistance sharing industry updates and best practice. They look for opportunities to support customers directly and indirectly. Clarkston has a professional image and is easy to work with.

We have worked with leading pharmaceutical companies to build their network from the ground up, design and execute a 3PL and trading partner strategy, and streamline CMO relationships. Our clients have seen decreased cost to maintain security and compliance, and increased supply efficiency. To learn how we can help your company achieve supply chain security goals like these, contact Bruce Twery.

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