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2023 Supplement and Nutrition Trends

Contributors: Cara Ridenhour

Read our updated trends report here: 2024 Vitamins and Supplements Trends

Clarkston’s team of consumer healthcare consultants have highlighted the top supplement and nutrition industry trends that businesses should consider. Read all 5 trends for 2023 by downloading the full report here.

The supplement and nutrition industry is a $37.2 billion dollar industry consisting of products from tablets and capsules to tinctures and powders. At the intersection of personal well-being and consumer products, this industry boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to do so in 2023. As the consumer becomes more curious to learn about supporting their individual well-being, personalized supplement and nutrition strategies will be at the backbone of this growing industry.  

Consumers are also demanding a wide range of products for this individual need, from at-home testing to fermented solutions to mental health-supportive products. While supply chain issues and climate change threaten the ability to meet growing demand in an evolving regulatory industry, adapting early will ultimately provide a greater reward for businesses. 

2023 Supplement and Nutrition Trends

Trend #1: Personalized Gut Intelligence

Research suggests that the microbiome, also known as our “second brain,” affects not only our digestive health, but immune health, heart health, brain function, and weight management. Alongside genetics, environment, and medication use, diet plays a vital role in establishing the microbiota that lives in the gut. As more consumers learn about the microbiome and seek personalized gut information, companies like Viome are on the cutting edge, providing diagnostic tests as well as personalized supplements. These tests assess nutrition absorption, microbial activities, intestinal barrier health, and any signatures of inflammation in the gut. Through these analyses, companies can make recommendations on precise food and supplements to restore individual microbiome health. 

Meanwhile, companies like Athletic Greens are making a splash with convenient solutions for gut health, such as daily serving powders. Fermented foods containing good bacteria can restore balance and diversity within the microbiome, kill off bad bacteria, and produce vitamins. Consumers are turning to fermented foods like kimchi, fermented sauces, tempeh, and kefir to provide tailored solutions based on their individual gut needs.

Download the Full 2023 Supplement and Nutrition Trends Report Here

Consumers know that weight, like gut health, is not a one-size-fits-all approach. With a better understanding of the way their overall wellness is impacted by the microbiome, consumers are adopting a body-neutrality lens to weight management. This entails appreciation for all that the body can do, rather just than its visual appearance. Businesses in the microbiome space must apply this approach to their marketing of products in order to connect with a thoughtful and inclusive generation of consumers.  

Trend #2: Alternate Supplements for Healthy Aging

Consumers have already established vitamins as a core part of supporting their immune health. However, having seen the devastating impacts of such an illness like COVID-19, many consumers are now shifting the way they view their lives. Rather than just the longevity of their lives, they also care about the number of years they live healthy, disease-free lives. Thus, 2023 will demonstrate a shift in their focus to the multitude of ways that supplements can support overall wellbeing and improve “healthspan. Globally, healthy life expectancy between 2000 and 2019 has not kept pace with the increasing life expectancy, demonstrating ample space for innovation in this market. Continue reading by downloading the full report below.

Download the Full 2023 Supplement and Nutrition Trends Report Here

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