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2024 Vitamins and Supplements Trends

Clarkston’s team of consumer healthcare industry consultants have highlighted the top vitamins and supplements trends that businesses should consider. Read all 4 trends for 2024 by downloading the full report here.

In 2024, consumers – both young and old – will continue to prioritize the betterment and preservation of their health, as they’re looking for supplements to help them both look and feel their best no matter their lifestyle. Consumers’ shift to a healthy lifestyle has been brought on by both an increased awareness of better health practices as well as trusted influencer marketing. Many products’ uses are expanding beyond their previous markets, allowing for industry growth. This year alone, the supplements industry is predicted to see over $25 billion in growth as people continue to seek out innovative products and new uses for existing ones.  

From an increased interest in fitness and nutrition that has widened the breadth of nootropics and sports supplements users, to a return to brick-and-mortar shopping, to an increased focus on product origin, we expect these key trends and more to shape the vitamins and supplements industry in 2024 and beyond. 

2024 Vitamins and Supplements Trends

Trend #1: Brain Health: A Top Priority for All 

Supplements aiding in cognition and memory performance called Nootropics have gained popularity amongst consumers thanks to their ability to improve cognitive functioning and performance. Nootropics, such as creatine and caffeine, offer mental focus, while other popular options such as ginkgo biloba can aid in reducing depression and anxiety. .  

Although caffeine continues to be the leading nootropic on the market, consumers’ shift towards clean and natural supplements has also caused alternatives such as L-theanine and Ginkgo Biloba to gain momentum.  

When leveraging nootropics for health, brain health has proven to be valued by both the 55-to-75-year-old crowd looking to improve cognitive functioning, as well as 18-to-34-year-old consumers looking to preserve brain cognition and health. Where the two groups differ in the market are forms of consumption. Older generations continue to prefer solid forms such as capsules and tablets, whereas younger generations are seeking alternative forms such as powders, bars, and coffees.  

As the job market becomes more competitive for recent grads, there’s also been an uptick in student demand for nootropics as they look to gain a competitive edge over their peers. This, combined with the growing geriatric population looking to preserve or improve brain function, are driving growth within the industry. 

As consumers continue to look towards products providing cognitive benefits, companies can leverage consumer interest by producing hybrid products containing both nootropics and other supplements or with shifted marketing, for example. Brands selling products such as creatine have an opportunity to inform a new consumer base looking for a brain boost of the product’s benefits.

Download the Full 2024 Vitamins and Supplements Trends Report Here

Trend #2: Growing Consumer Base for Sports Supplements

The sports supplements industry has seen significant growth since the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to consumers increasingly prioritizing their personal health. This industry, comprised of dietary items intended to meet nutrition and performance requirements of sports individuals, is expected to grow around 8% annually 

Hydration and performance products took center stage in 2023 with 49.0% and 31.9% growth respectively as the number of consumers participating in regular physical activity grows. Electrolyte drink mixes have also begun to replace traditional sports drinks as a low-carb option optimal for consumers with diabetes or needing a low-carb diet.  

As the healthy lifestyle has taken hold of a wider breadth of consumers, brands have been able to utilize research figures to brand their products to target these new consumers. For example, Liquid IV was able to create demand for their electrolyte drink mixes by educating their consumers on the importance of hydration. Their product is now endorsed by collegiate athletes while simultaneously advertised as a healthy hydration option for any activity, increasing brand visibility across customer segments. 

As sports nutrition continues to grow for athletes and non-athletes alike, companies have an opportunity to educate consumers on product benefits in and out of the gym. There’s also ample opportunity for product development creating products specifically for non-athletes looking to have only part of a product’s usual benefits. Continue reading by downloading the full report below.

Download the Full 2024 Vitamins and Supplements Trends Report Here

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