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Product Lifecycle Management

With high demand for personalization, customization, and seasonality, SKU proliferation and slow speed to market have become an even greater challenge. As the modern consumer increasingly demands an individualized experience and/or product, improved product lifecycle management isn’t something you can afford to ignore.

Personalization meets seasonality. And your supply chain isn’t thrilled.

Today’s consumer expects products personalized to who, where, and when they are – including considerations to their location, demographic, and current season. With these increased expectations, pressure mounts to precisely plan the lifecycle of products without excess cost or inventory.


We help consumer packaged goods companies improve their product lifecycle management (PLM) processes from conceptualization of product to end-of-life. As a result, our clients experience quicker time to market and the ability to retire products gracefully when needed.

All too often, PLM processes are created within a vacuum. Starting with a strategy that supports broader organizational goals allows a focused product lifecycle management process.

  • Current State Assessment
  • Product Lifecycle Roadmap
  • Strategic Metrics and KPIs

Having a process in place for each life stage of the product isn’t enough. These processes need to work together, support the overall organizational strategy, and utilize the right technology.

  • New Product Development
  • Product Change Process
  • SKU Rationalization Process

New PLM systems seem to crop up in the market on an hourly basis. The task of selecting the right one, and integrating it with your ERP and other in-house solutions can seem daunting. We help your strategic plans come to life, executing carefully through the last detail.

  • Technology Integration
  • Master Data Management
  • Change Management

What Our Clients Say

ERP Director

Consumer Products Company

Clarkston is flexible to the customer needs and doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach.

In our Product Lifecycle Management work with consumer products companies, we can help you reduce change request cycle times, increase product margin, decrease need for crisis management, and reduce obsolete inventory. For more information about our PLM offerings, please contact us.

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