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SAP Analytics Cloud Consulting

The cost savings in health care due to big data is becoming a board-level conversation. With the future of value-based care, the challenge of how to use data once we have it cannot be ignored.

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SAP Analytics Cloud delivers predictive analytics

Rapid proliferation of technology and the industry shift towards patient engagement and personalization has generated unprecedented amounts of clinical and commercial data. Life sciences leaders are using this data to make timely decisions and be proactive through predictive analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud.


Empower your business with cloud-based, self-service analytics, enabling real-time decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud for automated machine learning, planning, and augmented analytics. Turn insights into actions through automation of predictive analytics in a single platform with a focus on data integrity and compliance with industry regulations.

Machine Learning Activation

Activate machine learning capabilities and transform your business users into citizen data scientists and insights into actions. Manage end-to-end analytics in one platform, from data management to predictive analytics.

  • Smart Data Transformations
  • Augmented Data Discovery
  • Predictive Analytics and “What-If” Simulation
  • Process Automation

Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence

Empower business users to drive high performance, real-time analytics on the cloud to make quicker decisions across core business functions.

  • Natural Language Query
  • Simulation for Executives with SAP Digital Boardroom
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Becoming an analytics-driven company requires organizational alignment, mapping and tracking the use of analytics and infusing a process of continuous improvement.

  • Analytics Process Assessment
  • Cloud Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
  • Organizational Alignment

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Clarkston Consulting

Senior Director, IT

Pharmaceutical Company

I have always enjoyed the benefit of the personal touch from Clarkston and the willingness to change course and get things done.

We’ve unlocked terabytes of strategic value working with clients to better understand and act on their data by aligning their systems, data, and architecture with their strategic objectives. Contact our team to learn more about Clarkston’s SAP Analytics Cloud Consulting practice and our other Data and Analytics services.

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