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SAP Analytics Cloud Consulting

Analytics continues to be a critical boardroom level conversation in consumer products and retail companies. However, while there are a lot of valuable insights being realized, organizations are still not unlocking the true value of analytics and their ability to provide a competitive advantage.

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Actionable Analytics.

Consumer products and retail companies can achieve greater personalization with consumers than ever, using data not only from their own systems and processes, but also from point of sale (both physical and online), loyalty programs, and social media. Combining all of these data points can provide a rich view of the product lifecycle and customer journey if they are integrated, monitored, and modeled effectively.


Achieve common analytical use cases like measuring and optimizing pricing and promotional effectiveness, customer and supplier performance, supply chain optimization and more with cloud-based, self-service analytics, enabling real-time decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud. Automate data discovery and exploration and realize the benefits of augmented analytics and machine learning in a single platform with robust data integration across sources.

Machine Learning Activation

Empower business users to dig into their data, quickly generate insights, and use predictive analytics to improve customer experience and product performance. With data management and machine learning in a single platform, streamline the process of turning insights into actions.

  • Smart Data Transformations
  • Automated Insights Discovery
  • Predictive Analytics and “What-If” Simulation
  • Process Automation

Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence

Build high performance, real-time analytics on the cloud across data from multiple systems to enable business users to communicate and make decisions to protect margins and grow revenue.

  • Natural language query
  • Simulation for executives with Digital Boardroom
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Advancing the maturity of your analytics requires an assessment of current state and a roadmap with concrete improvements to people, processes, and technologies. Migration to a cloud-managed, consolidated analytics platform can expedite the path to where you want to be.

  • Analytics Process Assessment
  • Cloud Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
  • Organizational Alignment

What Our Clients Say

Director of Sales Operations

Consumer Products Company

Clarkston was less focused on the templates and more focused on addressing our needs. They provided a greater level of personalized service.

Clarkston Consulting understands that the right analytical strategy, processes, and technologies are critical for consumer products companies to drive action on both explicit and implicit consumer feedback and behavior. As a business systems advisor, we will guide your organization to make smart choices on analytics and enable you to rapidly respond to insights from your data. Contact Steve Rosenstock to learn more.

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