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SAP Webinar Series: SAP Analytics Cloud

Clarkston Consulting recently worked with a US-based beverage company on an SAP S/4 transformation. In conjunction with this new implementation, this company was also in search of a new reporting tool to get value and insight out of the information from SAP. Prior to the ERP implementation, employees had to do manual manipulation of data to generate excel reports for the business. This was not an easy task as it required analysts to manually retrieve information from multiple sources and it did not always represent real-time data. In order for the business to drive growth based on up-to-date information, they needed to come up with a better solution. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) became the logical choice for use to get value and insight out of the information stored in SAP.

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Clarkston worked with the client to determine several key reports to be developed on this platform to prove the value to the business, as well as to provide a model for future reporting capability. With SAP Analytics Cloud, there is reusability of data and processes as it establishes a data foundation, meaning that it gives a single understanding of what the numbers and fields actually are. As opposed to just an excel sheet that provides just a report, SAP Analytics Cloud can provide both a data model, and a report.

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In addition to developing the data foundation with S/4 and building a pilot report as a proof of concept or proof of value, Clarkston held training sessions around SAP Analytics Cloud to make sure that the process was not just an implementation, but rather a collaboration to make the end-users self-sufficient with the tool. Additional project goals were to move away from the siloed offline analytics we saw throughout the company, and to identify opportunities to mature the organizations capabilities and evolve toward advanced analytics.

Download the full SAP Analytics Cloud webinar here.

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