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Data Operations Consulting

Inspired by Dev-Ops, Data Operations seek to enable analytics throughout the organization as well as the creation of data products and analytical applications. Data Ops comprises the processes and tools to distribute consistent, high quality, processed data to users.

Traditional approaches to delivering data to the analysts, data scientists, and business units that need it the most just aren’t working.

Current BI and integration teams are not equipped to offer the speed, volume, and flexibility that is needed in current enterprises. True data self-service has never been realized and business units are creating shadow IT solutions to solve data problems. Inadequate data tools and traditional architectural approaches limit the data team’s ability to respond and deliver value to the business. A data operations focus can help address each of these issues.


Clarkston’s data operations consulting team helps transform your data delivery team and the tools they use to better support business units and deliver high-quality data pipelines.

Data Engineering

Data Engineers are tasked with providing data to the business teams in a way that’s easy to understand and able to be immediately used in analysis.

  • ETL / ELT
  • Anomaly Detection and Alerting
  • Automation and Maintenance of Data Pipelines

Data Analysts

Data Analysts provide additional business context to data and proactively share insights so that no insights go undiscovered.

  • Prepare statistics on data pipelines
  • Support data products in production
  • Insights delivery

Data Operations as a Service

Data Operations as a managed service is a way to ensure consistency and quality of data and models.

  • Host data storage and processing tools
  • Offload backend technical support
  • Monitor production solutions and models

What Our Clients Say

Supply Chain Consulting Client Quote

Senior Information Services Manager

Consumer Products Company

Going through the documentation actually created a ton of efficiency and was a great “proof of value” of how future org structure would work.  In about two hours, I literally eliminated probably about two weeks of my personal work and corrected a large assumption in the data that would have been late-breaking for me in started form.

Your data is your most valuable asset. You deserve a trusted partner in distributing your data.

Contact Clarkston’s Data Operations Consulting team today for a free quote on a data operations assessment.

Contact Clarkston’s Data Operations Consulting Team

Contact Our Data Operations Consulting Team

Contact Our Data Operations Consulting Team

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