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Top Veeva Insights from 2023

As 2023 winds down, I’ve taken the time to look back at the extensive content pieces that our industry experts here at Clarkston have crafted over the past year. I’ve highlighted some of the key takeaways from this year’s content, compiling our top Veeva insights from 2023. From Veeva Vault Connections to ensuring user system adoption, our Veeva experts shared their key insights and perspectives on the latest with Veeva systems for this year and beyond. For all our 2023 Veeva Insights, you can learn more here.

Top 6 Veeva Insights from 2023 

1. Five Considerations for Implementing Veeva Vault Connections 

Life sciences companies using Veeva for content management may leverage Veeva Vault Connections, which enables cross-communication of data and documents across the cloud-based vaults. In this piece, Ben Riblett identifies process considerations that all teams should make to effectively implement Veeva Vault Connections and create safe, silo-free connections between data vaults. 

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2. OCM Initiative for a Global Biopharma Company’s ERP Transformation 

Biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeking out opportunities to enhance and personalize the customer experience, with one solution being streamlining business decision-making. In this piece, Ilona Pesti, Bob Lamont, and Caryn Hecht take us through Clarkston’s role in an organizational change management (OCM) project for a global leader in biopharmaceuticals.  

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3. Considerations for the Upcoming Veeva Vault CRM Migration 

Veeva was originally based on an external platform, and the decision was made to establish an independent Veeva Vault platform. In response, the Veeva CRM platform was set to migrate to the new platform for a more tailored experience. In this piece, Anna Ivashko outlines what companies should know when heading into the Veeva Vault migration from Salesforce to a Veeva-specific CRM solution. 

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4. Selecting a Veeva AMS Provider 

Veeva technology features solutions for data and process management, which can be extremely effective for streamlined business operations and more; however, the continued maintenance can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. Hiring an application managed services (AMS) provider can help companies maintain and access the full potential of the Veeva suite. In this piece, James Savage highlights the most important characteristics of a Veeva AMS provider to look for when selecting a partner for your organization, such as quality and compliance proficiency. 

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5. Considerations for Improving User Adoption for Your Veeva System 

Implementing Veeva solutions opens doors for digital transformation within a company, but without prominent user support and adaptation, you aren’t able to maximize your usage of the Veeva technology. In this piece, Davida Rosenfeld and Ben Riblett lay out key considerations for how to encourage and streamline user engagement after implementation of Veeva systems. 

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6. Exploring the Latest Veeva Product Announcements from the 2023 R&D and Quality Summit 

The 2023 Veeva R&D and Quality Summit occurred in early fall of 2023, featuring the latest trends and predictions within numerous sectors of the life sciences industry, such as quality, compliance, and IT. In this piece, Davida Rosenfeld and Ben Riblett discuss the insights gathered from Veeva experts at the Summit to understand upcoming changes and updates with the Veeva suite that will enhance its technological functionality.  

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