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Setting an Organizational Strategy for AI to Drive Business Transformation

Contributors: Elise Watson

Companies across industries are confronted with technology disruption that regularly impacts decision-making at all levels of the organization. Digital transformation has been on the minds of CIOs for almost a decade, yet as soon as their organization grasps a new technology, there’s a new frontier changing the way teams collaborate. Business leaders who stay at the forefront of transformation do so by leveraging technology to enable change and empower the organization to be part of the transformational vision. They also prioritize setting an organizational strategy for AI that helps drive that transformation. 

Download the AI Organizational Strategy eBook

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another frontier of digital transformation evolving even faster than other technologies, with promise to enable organizational change for the better. AI can enable employees to increase productivity, improve well-being, and streamline manual repetitive tasks and more that ultimately lead to organizational-level improvements, ranging from topline growth to bottom-line cost efficiencies. 89% of employees and business decision-makers with access to automation and AI-powered tools feel more fulfilled. This fulfillment is believed to be attributed to their ability to spend time on work that truly matters. The spectrum of AI tools is broad – ranging from predictive analytics, Machine Learning (ML), generative AI, chatbots, and more. 

To truly harness the power of AI, business leaders will need to set an intentional organizational strategy that offers the right balance of flexibility and control. We are just scratching the surface of what AI can do to empower employees and organizations, so it’s imperative to create a sustainable vision for what the organization’s future could look like and ultimately gain buy-in at all levels of the company.

Tenets of Setting an Organizational Strategy for AI

In this eBook, we’ve outlined the core tenets of an AI organizational strategy that executives should consider as they evaluate the technology for their business:

  • Strategic Vision
  • Business Use Case Definition
  • Governance Policies & Processes
  • Organization-wide Adoption

We also explore an example in practice of how PepsiCo Operates as an AI-enabled organization. Download the free eBook to learn more!

Download the AI Organizational Strategy eBook

Looking Ahead 

We’re seeing that organizations that prioritize articulating a robust strategy around how to handle advanced technologies such as AI are better prepared to realize the most value across their organization. There is an opportunity for non-tech companies across the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries to harness the power of AI by setting an AI vision, defining business use cases, building governance and guardrails, and investing in organizational-wide adoption. Our Digital, Data, and Analytics experts can advise on what approach may be best for your organization no matter what stage of analytics you may be at. Contact us today to learn more. 

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