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Exploring Retail PMO Case Studies

Contributors: David Patterson

Over the years, Clarkston has assisted many clients with both program and project management by using some of our retail PMO best practices. Clients who have leveraged our experience reduce overall risks and have improved program outcomes. A few examples of how we have helped retail organizations with their program and project management are outlined in the retail PMO case studies below.  

Retail PMO Case Studies

Project management support was the focus of a recent Clarkston Consulting partnership with an international retail client. This client had recently built out a centralized Project Management Office (PMO) to help drive critical business initiatives forward. Our team closely partnered with the PMO to help manage over 24 projects and consistently apply PMO governance at the project, program, and portfolio levels. Clarkston’s goal was to implement best practices for transparency and consistency within communication among leadership and key stakeholders, as well as to create a repeatable model to apply to the client’s future brand acquisitions.  

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At another global retail client, Clarkston actively led digital project management. Our team was engaged to provide project management services and oversight across various project teams. Goals of this project included support of digital program initiatives, overall improvements to communication strategies, and higher quality delivery output through an increased focus on user testing. The results of the project included a successful go-live of a multi-faceted, international eCommerce platform as well as new marketing campaigns. 

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Lastly, a specialty retailer based in the US was looking to expand into international markets. This expansion was going to require an overhaul of current operations and reporting to enable the retailer to successfully manage the business at an international level. The Clarkston team was brought in to help manage these changes from a program level. Our team’s assistance helped the client balance their time and resources effectively while keeping the multiple projects on track.  

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At Clarkston, we know that managing programs and projects to optimize resources and enhance operations is critical to the success of any organization. We offer the solutions to help you manage your complex programs and the change management expertise to ensure program success, so you can continue to focus on executing your business goals. If you are interested in learning more about our program and project management services and how they could be the right fit for your company, let’s chat. 

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