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Digital Project Management for a Global Retailer

Founded in the 1950s, this company sells products across the United States and around the world. Built as a traditional brick and mortar retailer, the company sought to create a larger digital presence and began focusing on digital initiatives across eCommerce, Mobile, Marketing, and Loyalty. While this led them to partner with multiple software vendors and system integrators, they found their organization was lacking strong centralized digital project management, leading to continuous delays of projects as risks were not being proactively identified and resolved in a timely manner.

After multiple project delays, Clarkston Consulting was engaged to provide digital project management services and oversight across project teams. Clarkston’s resources were tasked with driving initiatives to completion through a hands-on approach, creating an increased visibility to project risks for leadership, and managing third party vendors from project kickoff through the cutover and rollout processes. This led to the successful go-live of this client’s new webstore which provided increased agility in the changing eCommerce landscape and reduced the cost of hosting their existing website, as well as improved efficiency of their international eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Loyalty project teams.

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Digital Project Management

Clarkston Consulting and the client set out to accomplish some primary goals and objectives at the beginning of this project including, but not limited to, managing their key initiatives for the project with both agile and waterfall methodologies and providing increased communication and transparency of project status to the key internal and external stakeholders. Additionally they improved communication within the specific project time and across the full-time employees, contracts, and external 3rd party vendors. This created visibility to project risks and drove issue resolution for the overall project term for all parties. They targeted to ensure proper testing methodologies to be utilized and ensure quality of output of the required deliverables for the entirety of the project.

Resolutions set by the team included delivery of key projects to support digital program initiatives, overall improved communication strategies through standard meeting cadences and utilization of customized web dashboards, and overall higher quality delivery output through an increased focus on user testing.

Some of the key benefits of this project with the client and Clarkston Consulting included a successful go-live launch of key digital projects including their new eCommerce platform, mobile site, a Black Friday marketing campaign, and international (UK specific) eCommerce functionality.

Download the Full Case Study Here

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Contributions by Shatakshi Shekhar and Lorraine Mackiewicz.

Tags: Case Study, Digital Engagement, Project & Program Management, Retail, Digital