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LIMS Tips from Quality System Experts

When a quality system expert joins Clarkston, their top responsibility is to help solve our client’s biggest problems. One of the most challenging things for many of our pharmaceutical and biotech clients is data management, particularly in the laboratory.  In pre-commercial biotech companies, establishing LIMS and ERP systems can be a huge undertaking when they have historically been focused on the science of innovation. For more mature companies, sometimes they require an upgrade, particularly when their quality systems strategy is no longer supporting their overall business strategy.

We asked some of Clarkston’s expert LIMS consultants for tips to share with you based on their real-world experience. The question was simple, “What’s one thing you wish people knew about LIMS implementations?”

Answers from Clarkton’s LIMS experts ranged from very specific insights and tips to holistic suggestions on what to know before you get started on a LIMS implementation. One tip that came for our expert, Eileen, was about the importance of including the manufacturing team in your communications, particularly if you are integrating to an ERP system, because there can be a lot of implications in the lot release process.  The manufacturing team will want to be involved in those discussions.

Another tip came from Ken about defining LIMS requirements. He notes that it is so important to look to the future, and consider any new instruments that you are planning to purchase in the requirements phase so you can include those requirements in your LIMS vendor selection.


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No matter the current maturity level of your laboratory information, Clarkston’s consultants partner with you to help you achieve your goals. In my view, Clarkston’s LIMS experts are the best in the world. I hope you enjoy reading some of the tips and tricks they share with you about LIMS implementations.

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