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Interfacing Balance/pH Meter Instruments with a LIMS Platform

In this LIMS Instrument Interfacing case study, Clarkston recently partnered with an international pharmaceutical manufacturer whose facility manufactures biologics, monoclonal antibodies, and cell and gene therapy products. The client’s goal was to develop an interface between a LabWare v6 implementation and both existing and newly purchased models of balances and pH meters in order to eliminate identified data integrity (DI) gaps.  

A key client requirement, and ultimately the main challenge, was that no additional software, such as LabStation or other LabWare modules, or external software, such as LabX, be required to implement the interface. The standard LabWare CollectData capability would not suffice to satisfy the DI requirements and could not be made to function correctly anyway, so an alternative was required. 

Download the Full Case Study Here

Through the use of some LIMS BASIC subroutines, simple reconfiguration of analysis master data, and the configuration of some additional master data (lists), it was possible to meet the DI requirements as well as enhance analyst efficiency while providing additional instrument source data and audit trail review capabilities. The Clarkston team was able to eliminate the identified DI gaps, significantly reduce transcription errors of balance/pH data from laboratory notebooks to LIMS, and successfully reconfigure master data analysis. 

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