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Data Integrity Consulting

Clarkston helps businesses mitigate data integrity issues to meet regulatory compliance, improve quality operations, and create a platform for evidence-based decision-making.

Quality data is more than facts and figures – it’s confirmation that patients can trust.

At some point, maintaining data integrity was as simple as ALCOA. But, as we continue to collect and store data at a nearly exponential rate, it’s no longer something that an acronym alone can solve. FDA citations related to data integrity have (and will) continue to be on the rise as the amount and scope of data balloons in nearly every aspect of life sciences. As if the threat of regulatory intervention wasn’t enough, data issues can and will also negatively impact any headway you make in controlling quality costs and efficiencies.


We combine decades of regulatory experience and countless data projects to deliver a non-invasive data integrity program with true value and sustainability.

Achieving data integrity relies on a pragmatic strategy that includes your business goals, culture, and continuous development.

  • Master Data Governance Strategy
  • KPIs and Reporting

Though it lives primarily in the technology landscape, data integrity is often most impacted by the processes and people involved.

  • Data Processes, Procedure, and Ownership
  • Awareness, Training, and Change Management
  • Data Quality, Cleansing, and Retention

Establishing the supporting technology, architecture, and security for your data creates sustainability and ensures long-term success.

  • Data Architecture
  • Audit, Compliance, and Security
  • Systems Integration

What Our Clients Say

Associate Director, Quality Systems

Global Pharmaceutical Company

I found Clarkston’s data integrity consultants to be engaged and invested in driving the project. They are hands on and dedicated through the very end.

We have helped global life sciences companies establish scalable data integrity programs that ensure compliance across multiple regulatory bodies and drive demonstrative improvements to operational efficiencies. For more information on how we can help your company, please contact our data integrity consulting expert, LaToya Lee Jones.

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