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LabForward: The Case for Building the Lab of the Future

Medicine is changing. Advances in platform technologies and personalized treatments are fundamentally changing the way drugs are discovered, manufactured, and delivered. However, in this rapidly evolving world, laboratories lag behind. It is not uncommon to find antiquated equipment, decades old systems, with practices and processes that are so established, so routine, that no one questions or even remembers why things are done that way. There is tremendous opportunity for operational improvement within the labs and we are at an inflection point where new enabling technologies will reshape the way that labs support research, development, quality, and manufacturing. The question is not whether change is coming, but rather, are you positioned to take advantage?

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A comprehensive assessment of the laboratory, with a model like LabForward, can help your organization address key questions about change readiness. If your answer would be “yes” to any of these following questions, you may want to do a full lab evaluation.

  • Are you concerned with speed, consistency and resource optimization of your laboratory?
  • Does your organization strive to reduce errors and build in systemic improvements across your lab?
  • Is data integrity and important metric for your quality team?
  • Are you looking to save money by cutting out excess processes?
  • Do your laboratory improvement projects require cost/benefit and return on investment analysis?

Automation and communication tools will be driving the laboratories of the future to be even more connected and efficient. In the near future, laboratory technicians will be able to leverage embedded technologies and work in tandem with software and robots. Moreover, quality control managers will be able to transform their departments into strategic arms of innovation as opposed to dealing with emergency situations. The LabForward assessment can provide the tools and justification for the quality organization to invest in the optimal areas and to make improvements for your laboratory to be ready for the technology of the future.

To help companies determine their readiness for enabling technologies that will be driving change in the laboratory, Clarkston created the LabForward Assessment. Learn more about it or subscribe for more insights on the laboratory of the future below.

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