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A Roadmap to Transitioning to Insourcing Clinical Supply Chain Operations

A clinical-stage biotechnology company that designs new immunotherapies to address life-threatening diseases reached out to Clarkston to help them navigate an upcoming transformation to their supply chain network. The client has multiple assets in phase 3 and several other products in earlier clinical phases. The client recently decided to transform its supply chain by insourcing its clinical supply warehousing and distribution. In support of this transition, they partnered with Clarkston to complete an assessment of their current and future state operations. 

Clarkston’s approach to the assessment included three phases: Discover, Assess, and Deliver. Document reviews, stakeholder interviews, and site visits were utilized to develop observations and understand their landscape. First, the Clarkston team conducted an in-depth review of the client’s documents, including standard operation procedures (SOPs), work instructions, forms, policies, reports, and governance. Next, stakeholder interviews were conducted with a focus on three key topic areas – People, Processes, and Technology. Clarkston then visited the client’s sites to review their physical infrastructure and drug warehousing technology, observe their documented processes in action, and gain an understanding of warehouse employee knowledge and training. 

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As a result of Clarkston’s discovery phase, over 25 critical challenges were identified across six categories, including standardized procedures, facilities management, cross-functional collaboration, employee training, technology advancements, and third-party logistics (3PL) transition. Clarkston provided highly detailed and actionable evaluations for each critical challenge during the assessment phase. Based on all the findings, Clarkston built recommendations with priorities for each of the six categories of observation. As a result, the client had exactly what they needed to address the critical challenges while they prepared for their supply chain transformation. 

To support a long-term plan that ensures all recommendations are addressed appropriately, Clarkston developed four strategic initiatives. The initiatives were aligned with the client’s business intentions and provided them with a plan to successfully transform their supply chain with little to no disruptions. Finally, Clarkston developed a comprehensive action plan and timeline to implement the recommendations and initiatives.  

Clarkston helped the client understand the importance of addressing the critical challenges to establish robust internal processes in sync with making a significant transformational change to their distribution network. This provided the client with a clear path forward to transform their supply chain network with minimal disruptions to their business. Connect with us today to learn more about our supply chain consulting services in the life sciences space. 

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