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Implementing LIMS Across the Globe

The Story of the Largest LIMS Implementation in History

Clarkston Consulting embarked on a first-of-its-kind project implementing LIMS with one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. The project, the largest and most complex LIMS implementation in history, united laboratory operations, systems, and processes across the organization’s global sites to drive transformative value for the business. Through the harmonization of these laboratory functions, the client continues to realize cost and operational efficiencies.

The client is a multinational, research-based biopharmaceutical company. Founded over 150 years ago, the company develops and produces medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines, including immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.

As a result of multiple mergers and siloed business groups, the client was operating with a varied array of LIMS on differing platforms. This lack of harmonization highlighted not only the inefficiencies of multiple data sharing and reporting methods, but also the need to align laboratory business processes across sites in multiple countries.

The client engaged Clarkston Consulting on an ambitious and industry-leading initiative to develop and implement a global LIMS solution to locations worldwide, representing one of the most advanced, integrated, and standardized laboratory automation systems in the world.

Download the Full Case Study Here

Client Objectives When Implementing LIMS

From the onset, Clarkston worked with the client to clearly understand and define the objectives for the project. Through the engagement, the client hoped to:

  • Deploy the harmonized, validated solution to manufacturing sites globally.
  • Develop and execute a consistent deployment methodology at each site, leveraging a collaborative mix of core and site resources.
  • Gap fit laboratory processes against local procedures and regulations to evaluate country-specific needs.
  • Ensure the right level of scope and complexity is delivered to each site, and lay the foundation to enable key strategic initiatives.
  • Address the business adoption of the harmonized processes from current laboratory practices.

To learn more about this project, please download the case study below.

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Co-authors and contributions by: LaToya Lee, Charlotte Hamilton, and Lynette Nazabal

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