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SAP Webinar Series: Addressing the Five Biggest Challenges in SAP Change Management

Over time, businesses and system integrators have adapted and evolved SAP implementation practices to improve the speed and efficiency of implementing a completely new SAP environment or upgrading to a new one. But, time and again, implementations are failing to realize the substantial benefits inherent to SAP’s ERP portfolio. Just as incomplete code can derail an implementation, an insufficient approach to organizational change management poses significant risks to the long-term success and sustainability of your SAP investment.

Each change management journey is different, but still many businesses find themselves running into the same challenges that have plagued their industry peers and competitors. In this webinar, Clarkston Manager Melissa Sucha explores the most critical challenges to successful SAP organizational change management and how businesses can address these in their change management roadmap.

Watch the 10-Minute Webinar Here

Whether your business is new to SAP entirely or just upgrading to a new SAP environment, the change impact can’t be underestimated. Our philosophy is not to manage the change that is going to happen, but rather to build a strategy that helps you visualize the change, understand and articulate the future vision, and then enable the organization to embrace the change. In what we call the “art of change management,” it’s important to have the ability to navigate each organizational situation. As we discuss the five biggest challenges in SAP change management, we share tips on how to address diverse challenges as they arise with nuance to each organization.

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For over 28 years, Clarkston Consulting has been helping clients achieve success in their IT projects through established change management methodologies. Whether your business is new to SAP entirely or just upgrading to a new SAP environment, the change impact and potential challenges can’t be underestimated. Creating a plan to address these challenges at the start of a project is key to reaping the true benefits of any technology implementation.

Download the Full SAP Webinar here: Addressing the 5 Biggest Challenges in SAP Change Management

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Contributions by Kristi White and Melissa Sucha

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