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Data Product Management Methodology: Unlocking Higher Performance for Your Data Teams

Clarkston’s Data Product Management Methodology helps companies identify, mitigate, and prevent some of the greatest pain points in data. In this five-part video series, Ron Itelman, principal consultant in our data and analytics practice, walks through four phases of data product management and data experience design.  

Across industries and companies, effective data collection, analysis, and management remain a persistent challenge. Product managers, business leaders, and business intelligence analysts can often struggle with the time it takes to get the right insights needed to make informed decisions and present findings from a set of data. 

Your data teams might be struggling to answer: Who is responsible for what data? Where and how is that data documented and stored? How is that data defined across teams? What are you using that data for, and is it driving effective decision-making? These are just a few of the great pain points in data and – without the right data strategy in place – can continue to present challenges across the organization. 

Data Product Management Methodology

At Clarkston Consulting, we help our clients with a Data Product Management Methodology and training so that their teams can approach data as a product, meaning the internal customers of data (analysts, engineers, and data scientists) are given the same level of user experience that external customers have when they use a product. Effective data product management can help mitigate and prevent some of those pain points in data, resulting in better decision-making, higher-quality data, and quicker, more meaningful insights. 

In this video, we introduce the 10 steps to unlocking higher performance for your data teams using our Data Product Management Methodology. These 10 steps can help your business find value with high-quality data products and effective data teams.  

Download 10 Steps to Unlock Higher Performance for Your Data Teams here. 

View the Presentation Here

For more information on how to integrate Clarkston’s Data Product Management Methodology to complement and support better agile processes for your organization, contact our team of data and analytics experts today. 

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