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Business Transformation for a Leading North American Food Brand

This business transformation case study provides a detailed overview of Clarkston’s initiative with Fyffes North America to strategically and sustainably transform their organization in order to better meet the demands of the new business landscape.

Download the full case study here

Partnering together, Clarkston and Fyffes set out to:

  • Assess the current operating model and identify the most critical challenges to the company’s ambition
  • Create specific recommendations across human capital, organizational design, processes, and supporting technology solutions to address strategic roadblocks
  • Develop a robust multi-year strategy and transformation roadmap with specific objectives, workstreams, owners, and expected outcomes
  • Identify and vet the most promising technology solutions to support scalable, sustainable, and profitable growth to the newly revised strategic ambition
  • Recommend new capabilities and organizational design changes needed to create a more agile & accountable organization
  • Create a Transformation Management Office to lead the activities under this strategic transformation
  • Work side-by-side with the organization to maximize the odds for sustainable change once Clarkston’s work was completed
  • Activate the creation of new KPIs to manage the realities of the new business and measure the evolution of the transformation

Founded more than 130 years ago, Fyffes is the oldest brand in its category, and a leader with operations in Europe, North, Central, and South America. Several years ago, the company’s CEO realized that what made the business successful in the past would no longer guarantee future success. As such, the CEO decided to disrupt the organization from within by drastically updating the company’s operating model to adapt to a highly competitive marketplace, rapidly evolving consumer needs, and increasingly more demanding retail customers.

This transformation involved major shifts across all functional areas of the organization – including finance, sourcing, logistics, marketing, sales, and distribution. As the CEO’s vision morphed into reality, the organization realized it was not fully operationally-ready to meet the growing demands of the new strategic ambition. As a result, processes that previously worked well became inefficient, the company’s operating structure was strained due to growth pains, legacy systems fell short of the company’s needs, and margins eroded in the face of rapid new top line growth.

Clarkston Consulting worked side-by-side with senior executives and operational leaders to refine the client’s strategic imperatives and identify, prioritize, plan, and operationalize strategic initiatives to support critical challenges that needed to be addressed for the company to support profitable and sustainable growth.

Download the full case study here

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